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From noise to signal: a signal detection model for civil society in the digital environment.

In recent years, Linterna Verde has observed, through its work analyzing public discussion in the digital environment, the emergence of an unprecedented challenge for civil society organizations: an ever-looming crisis conditions their participation in the debate. In social networks, any friction is likely to turn into a major event; self-censorship grows and with it the doubts about how to participate in a digital conversation without eroding it.

This guide designed by Linterna Verde seeks to contain the sense of urgency that leads organizations to respond to any negative comment without a delineated strategy, emphasizing the importance of proactive monitoring. Based on our experience in monitoring public discussion in the digital environment and taking as a basis the advances in the conceptualization of paracrisis as specific events in this environment, we created a signal detection model to guide organizations in making strategic decisions in the face of critical online situations.

This paper provides a broad understanding of the fundamental concepts for monitoring, including a key differentiation between crisis, paracrisis and digital noise. In addition, it presents a four-step signal detection model, based on a structured approach to early detection of problems, assessment of their severity, and development of effective responses. We are confident that this guide will be a valuable tool for nonprofits wishing to proactively and effectively navigate the current digital landscape.