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Circuito: information and analysis on the intersection between social networks and democracy in Latin America

What is Circuit?

Circuito is an information and analysis initiative on social networks and democracy in Latin America. Its areas of interest are content moderation, platform regulation, the attention economy and its impact on the region.

The project was launched in November 2021 as a resource center for content creators having problems with the content moderation, copyright and demonetization policies of the major social media platforms. 

However, by mid-2022, Circuito shifted its focus to meet a demand for information that is currently unmet by traditional media and digital rights organizations in the region. With a journalistic character, Circuito seeks to foster informed conversations that enrich the public debate around internet governance, the power of platforms and freedom of expression online, at a time when regulatory discussions are taking flight in Latin America. 

The project is enabled on the page, intended for the publication of analysis articles and coverage of moderation cases. For its part, the newsletter Botando Corriente offers periodic information on current events, updates on the community standards of the platforms - which shape the digital public debate - and reviews of research or reports that expose the tensions between technologies and human rights.